A hidden treasure, The Detectorists.

The Detectorists is a tiny British TV sitcom that used to play on the quiet corners of BBC 4 at 10 pm on Thursdays. I stumbled upon this long after it had aired it’s final breath on television and migrated to Netflix. 

And how lucky I was to find it. For a TV show about two unsuspecting men searching for treasure using their metal detectors, it is unlike any other I have seen in its realm. 

It’s small, kind, gentle and most of all... pure. 

The characters and the plots will look out of place on a Hollywood set but it is one of the best achievements of modern day british TV. There is no actual turn by turn plot but it compels its viewers to keep watching and I think alot of that has to do with the wonderful cast under the kind eyes of its lead and writer/director Mackenzie Crook.

Led by Mackenzie  and Toby Jones playing the two friends obsessed with briar and bramble, it is a small sigh at the countryside, and a warm wink to all the wildlife hidden in the thickets of the English countryside.

This is a show about looking for treasure but, like most things in life, we realise very soon that the treasure is the show itself.

It’s in us.