Aamir Khan’s mission for a better India through his cinema. 

I recently watched Laapata Ladies (Lost Ladies),  a new film produced by Aamir Khan, one of the three Khans of the Indian film industry. 

Out of the three giants (Salmaan, Sharukh, Aamir), it is the latter who has always been the most conscientious of the kind of films he chooses to make. If you are going to watch an Aamir film, you pretty much know his signature.

It will be about India and will aim to shed light on social and cultural norms that Aamir might have an issue with as a private citizen of the country.

Laapataa Ladies is a film about a newly married groom who loses his wife on the way back to his village, having swapped her with someone else’s bride.  

With an array of exciting and unique characters who make the tapestry of rural India, each with their own redemptive arc, Laapataa Ladies was a true gem to watch. Simple and profound without any great bells and whistles, Aamir once again made us think about female empowerment and the outdated beliefs that riddles villagers in that great country.  

Aamir’s country.