Camerimage 2022, the best film festival in the world.

As filmmakers, we all covet the highest prestiges for our films. Those laurels that crown our posters and sing of our triumphs out in the world, proving that our little film held sway over an audience in some corner of the world for a brief moment in time.  

One such coveted festival is CamerImage which is held every year in a small town in Poland and attracts thousands of filmmakers, primarily DOPs.

I have never been to a full time, week long film festival so I decided to change that this year.  

And thus, CameraImage changed my life.

Over the span of a week, I watched films that took my breath away, and equally, films that bored me.

And I am better for it, thanks to the good films and the bad ones.

Below are some of my favourites from the festival, in no particular order.

Viva La Cinema. Viva La CamerImage.

After the rain / documentary

Tar / feature

Before, now and then / feature

All that breathes / Documentary

Moody / doc

Karaoke Paradise / doc

In A Land That No Longer Exists / feature

Sophia / Documentary

Joyland / feature

Kash Kash / documentary

Good Night Oppy / documentary

Young Plato / Documentary