Me, Renaissance Girls and Australian hotel quarantine.

In the summer of 2021, still during the covid pandemic, I travelled to Australia for the first time to shoot an Apple TV show called Shantaram. Upon landing, I was quickly ushered into a bus with my fellow passengers and delivered to a Quarantine hotel where I was processed and led to a small room.

This would be my home for the next two weeks.

For two weeks, I was locked in a room where the windows didn’t open and my food was delivered outside my door in brown paper bags.

I did this again in Thailand and then again when I came back to Melbourne that same year. A total of 6 weeks of hotel quarantine.

And I loved it.

It gave me an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and figure out new ways of making new art.

Yes I was stuck in a box, but I had great company. The Renaissance Girls.