ROUND-UP: My favourite films of 2023

2023 was a great year for cinema, with many new exciting voices emerging as well as old hands coming back with fresh gifts.

It is an ode to the beauty of cinema that every year, filmmakers find new ways of telling old stories as well as new gems of narratives that speak to us of what it feels to be alive and human. The best films are a mirror to ourselves, and these films reflected that for me. 

My favourite films of last year.


May December 
/ Todd Haynes

Poor Things  / Yorgos Lanthimos

The Holdovers  / Alexander Payne

Anatomy of a fall  / Justine Triet 

Past Lives  / Celine Song

Return to Seoul / Davy Chou

Fremont / Babak Jalali 

Hesitation Wound  / Selman Nacar

Barbie  / Greta Gerwig

Evil Does Not Exist  / Ryusuke Hamaguchi

America Fiction  / Cord Jefferson