Salaam Cinema: The beauty of Iranian films.

In 1994, acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Malkhmalbaaf advertised in the Tehran papers that he will be holding auditions for his next film.

On the day of the auditions, almost 5000 people show up, a horde that almost crush each other just to get into the building. Makhmalbaaf decides that his next film will be about this. The audition.  

And so we are introduced to an array of aspiring actors each with their own story and their own intentions. A boy walks in claiming he is blind but loves cinema. A woman, striking in her beauty, asks Mohsen to cast her because his films always go to Cannes and she wants a French visa to be reunited with her lover.

Salaam Cinema is an ode to film and the art of moving picture. It shows the spirit of cinema and its impact on us mortals.  

Salaam, Iranian Cinema.