Scriptwriting masterclass in a Cricket match.

It is Sunday 23 October 2022. There are 90,000 fans packed out in the MCG Melbourne stadium. All here to bear witness to the greatest rivalry in sport.

A cricket match between India and Pakistan.

It was a match scripted by Tarantino for its velocity, Zoya Akhtar for its beauty and M Night Shyamalan for its twists and turns.

This was a match that, were it to be written as a screenplay, would be the perfect Hero’s Journey complete. The down and out hero who has lost his touch and his faith in himself walks onto centre stage to battle and doubt himself until he rises up victorious, conquering his fears and surprising both himself and his critics. It was almost like the Almight was in the mood to pen a masterpiece.

Our Hero here is the cricketing great of India, Virat Kohli. And this was  probably his best match in his entire career.

The stakes: 54 runs needed in 24 balls. A feat deemed almost impossible, especially seeing the attack put up by Pakistan. But Virat did it. To the screams and roars of a crowd in ecstacy.

This match truly was the greatest script ever written in sport.

If you want to become a good writer, watch the India v Pakistan T20 World Cup Match.

It’ll bowl your socks off.

Image: Virat Kohli celebrates India’s incredible win against Pakistan.