The cinema of short films. 

An extra on a film set who always plays a dead man, a man and woman who meet in their own respective dreams, a father who tries to drown her daughter, a Ukrainian mail order bride meets her new husband. 

Recently, I have had the privilege of travelling to various different film festivals across Europe with my new short film Yellow and at each festival, I have been awestruck by the amount of sheer talent and narrative brilliance out there in the form of short films.  The list above is a logline to all the different short films I was watched and will never forget. 

It is notoriously difficult making a good short because it requires the same narrative arc of a feature but with 1/10th of the time and 1/100000th of the budget - so when I see a short film that is both compelling and profound, then I know the filmmaker is a master in their craft. 

So in honour of the unsung masters working in  short film cinema, I have decided to collate some of the best shorts I have come across in the last year. 

Try and seek out these little films if you can, because they might just change your world... 

Retouch / Kaveh Mazaheri

Falling Up / Maryam Bakhtiari

Mare Nostrum  / Rana Kazkaz, Anas Khalaf

A Dead Marriage / Michal Toczek

Big Bang / Carlos Segunda

Olla / Ariane Labed

I Am Afraid To Forget Your Face / Alaa Sameh

Dhuin / Achal Mishra

Our Males And Females / Ahmad Alyaseer

Hidden / Jafar Panahi