The cure to the Taliban. 

I am currently in the festival run for my new short film Yellow, which tries to address the current gender apartheid happening in my country, Afghanistan.

Yellow  is about a woman who walks into a chadari store for the first time to buy a full body veil and face a new future.

In writing this film, I was compelled to try and tell a story that tackled the web of political and social issues within Afghanistan but through a smaller moment - like a woman buying a veil.

Afghanistan has seen the rise, then collapse then rise and then collapse again of its social and governmental structures for the better part of 4 decades and it seems that throughout all this, art has suffered the most.

Freedom to create and comment is a priviledge that does not exist there at the moment and it is this exact thing, art, that will save us and challenge how the Taliban see themselves.

Through art, we will rise again.

Some stills from Yellow: