The poetry of Nasir.

Arun Karthick‘s debut feature Nasir is a gentle water flow of time about a small town shopworker who spends his days in a small fabric store and his evenings writing poetry. 

It is a heartbreakingly mundane film where nothing much happens within the frame, yet alludes to a world of violence off frame, coiling itself like a python waiting to strike.  

With the current rise of Islamophobia in India, this film stands as a capsule of one ordinary Muslim man’s day to day life, and the threat that looms against him in the angry eyes of modern day India...

Some poems from the film. 

No hold I have on life
Neither any grievance
I am not a simpleton to hate it
but today
At the evening of my youth
I stand on one bank of silence
Merciless time flows in spate
To rest in centuries
On the other bank
Loneliness comes down in rain
My dear friends
Poet Nasir asks
what else is life
if not loneliness and silence


In the eyes of the cosmos
I am but a speck
and the cosmos in my eyes?