_the underscore and the beauty of design.

_As a filmmaker, I am often plagued by the infinite options I have at my disposal when telling a story. What is my story about? What scope does it cover? Where is it set? How will I shoot it? Etc etc

The list can stretch itself into the void of infinity if you let it, and it will disable you into paralysis.

You won’t ever be able to make a thing.

But there is a way to see through the maze of infinite possibilities if you shift your focus on one key aspect - design.

How can I make this thing with the best visual / narrative / social design. That will narrow it down your option.

Often, the best speeches are the most simple. The clearest campaigns are the most easy to understand. A striking image is often the cleanest in composition.

Of course, none of these are hard set rules. Just guides.

This made me think about design around my own work and life.

Design is, of course, subjective to taste. My taste, or the evolution of my taste, can be seen in the frames of my films. Or the compositions of my photos. The look of my website. And even... in the signature of my email.

I like clear and simple. In the way I tell stories and the way I write emails.

I like the underscore. I can’t tell you why I started this marginalia post with the underscore at the beginning but to me, it looks like good design and... beautiful.

And that is reason enough.